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  • iPAD SP1 Defibrillator & Unlocked Cabinet Telephone Box Package

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    SKU: Pa12075

    The iPAD SP1 is suitable for placement in a variety of environments. Adopting a simplistic design, this device enables both trained and untrained responders to act during a cardiac emergency with confidence.

    Defibrillator features:

    Paediatric Switch

    Integrated electrode-pad storage so pads can be preconnected

    CPR detection technology recognises when CPR is being performed

    Visual indicators show battery life, unit status and pad status

    Internal memory stores up to 3 hours of data/last 5 cardiac events

    Any recorded data is easily transferable via SD Card and the IrDA ports

    Ambient-noise detector adjusts volume of audio instructions

    *7-Year warranty. When the device is registered with the manufacturer, the warranty is extended by an additional 3 years


    Cabinet features:

    DefibSafe 2 gives superior protection from the elements. The door is made from the same material that is used to make riot shields giving additional peace of mind about the safety of the defibrillator inside.

    IP66 rating

    Highly durable

    Flat bar handle

    Thermostatically controlled frost protection and full insulation

    10 year warranty



    Package includes:

    1 x iPAD SP1 Defibrillator (Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic models available)

    1 x DefibSafe 2 Outdoor Unlocked Cabinet with additional telephone box fittings

    1 x AED 3D Wall Sign

    Weight 8 kg
    Battery Life span

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