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  • Laerdal External Manikin Adapter (pack of 5)

    £72.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: Ac120017

    This pack of 5 external manikin adapters allows CPR trainers to convert the manikin to be used for defibrillator training.

    The adapter is a long, thin, metallic strip which, when training electrode pads are applied, represents the electric current passing through the body of someone who has had a cardiac arrest. This allows learners to see how a defibrillator operates in a real lifesaving situation after the shock has been delivered.

    Key features

    Pack of 5 Adapters to modify first aid training manikins to demonstrate AED use

    For use with Little Anne AED Training System

    Allows defibrillator training to be taught on any first aid manikin


    Weight 6 kg
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