Life saved thanks to CPR volunteer and Mindray defibrillator!

On the 26th March, Andrew Perry who has been a CPR volunteer with Calon Hearts Charity for a number of years, responded to a call using the Good Sam App and saved a gentleman from cardiac arrest with a defibrillator.

GoodSAM provides the ability for those calling emergency services to instantly share their location and live video from their mobile device. The GoodSAM Network of Volunteer responders provide basic life support to those nearby in cardiac arrest while an ambulance is en route.

The Welsh Emergency Medical Technician arrived at the scene in Port Talbot, readily prepared with a Mindray Beneheart device and immediately checked for breathing and a pulse while a family member performed CPR. After approximately 3 shocks from the defibrillator, the gentleman’s heart was bought back to a normal rhythm.

Cardiac arrest does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone, any time, and even to extremely healthy individuals. If a heart defibrillator is used and CPR is performed within 3-5 mins of cardiac arrest, their chance of survival increases from 6 to 74%

The Mindray C1A powers on, analyses the heart and is ready to deliver a shock faster than most other models on the market. It also has ResQNavi technology built in which is able to detect the CPR proficiency level of the rescuer, and provide tailored guidance based on their skill level. For example, if it detects that you are slower and therefore more likely to be an untrained user, it will provide more detailed instructions to guide you through the rescue process. It is also dual functioning, meaning the device can be used on both adults and children.

Andrew said: “Until my colleagues from the Ambulance Service arrived, we worked as a team and worked on the patient for a lengthy period of time and successfully managed get a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and a heartbeat. Patient is now in the care of the hospital. This proves the early intervention of CPR and [early] defibrillation can help save lives.”

At Defib World, it is always a pleasure of ours to supply this essential equipment to such terrific causes across the UK. Andrew, you are a hero. 

We hope the patient makes a full, speedy recovery.

Defib World now offers a reward programme allowing our customers to apply for free MR62 pads if you have saved the life of somebody during a sudden cardiac arrest using the Mindray BeneHeart Defibrillator. When you provide a completed Customer Event Report, we’ll send you a FREE set of MR62 electrode pads. To request this form to complete, please email

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The GoodSam App can be found in the App Store on your phone and is free to download.

Please remember, if you need assistance or have any questions, call us on 0330 223 6336 or drop us an email at 

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