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  • Mindray BeneHeart D3 Defibrillator

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    With a 4-in-1 integrated design (manual defibrillation, AED, pacing, and monitoring modes), the durable and light-weighted BeneHeart D3 puts any unexpected circumstances under your control. Delivering fast and reliable defibrillation, the BeneHeart Platinum range assists rescuers in responding confidently and efficiently to medical emergencies. With five-seconds to shock, the Mindray D3 device make every second count.

    Mindray’s portable BeneHeart D3 is both an automatic and manual defibrillator as well as a multi-parameter monitor and pacing device. In AED mode, the BeneHeart defibrillator automatically analyses the rhythm and indicates whether a shock is required.

    BeneHeart D3 is on standby for saving lives anytime. It performs daily and weekly self-tests and uploads test reports automatically to electronic patient records (EPRs).  The reliable battery supports 200 shocks at 360J and 6 hours of continuous monitoring to guarantee availability.

    Additional Features:

    Power on in 2 seconds

    Charge to 200J in 3 seconds

    ECG recovery in only 2.5 seconds

    Features 360J biphasic technology with automatic impedance compensation, increasing the chances of saving difficult-to-defibrillate patients

    Following intuitive 1-2-3 steps (1.Select energy; 2.Charge; 3.Shock), simple manual defibrillation keeps clinicians’ attention on their patient and saves valuable time.


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    BeneHeart D3 Specifications

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    Mindray BeneHeart D3

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