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  • Powerheart G5 Training Defibrillator

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    The Powerheart G5 Training Unit is a simulated AED for teaching basic rescue skills and correct defibrillation procedure to first responders who use Cardiac Science AEDs.

    The AED Training Device can:

    Simulate each stage of the rescue process

    Allows reponders to cycle through three different rescue scenarios

    Create simulated shockable and non-shockable scnearios.

    Be operated with a remote control.

    The AED Training Device has the same general external features as a rescue AED.

    Please note: This device is for training purposes only. Special training pads are required only to demonstrate correct pad placement. Training pads cannot deliver a shock or provide feedback. The device can be configured for semi-automatic or automatic operation. Refer to the appropriate rescue AED User’s Guide for detailed descriptions of parts of a rescue AED.

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