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  • ZOLL AED Plus CPR-D padz Defibrillator Pads

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    SKU: Pa12003

    Supplied as one single unit, the Zoll AED Plus CPR-D padz electrodes have a built-in CPR system, which makes it easier to place correctly on the patient and administer effective treatment quickly. The electrode pads have a strong self adhesive to ensure they bond securely to the patient’s chest.


    Compatible with the Zoll AED Plus Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic defibrillators

    Suitable for use on adults and patients who are over 8 years old

    Supplied as one unit (no assembly required)- with two electrodes and a central CPR pad

    Easy to place and attach to the patient

    5 year lifespan

    Central CPR system pad helps the responder with correct hand placement

    Weight 1 kg
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