Registering Your Defibrillator - Ambulance Services & The Circuit
Registering Your Defibrillator - Ambulance Services & The Circuit

You may have been out and about somewhere and wondered how you would know where your nearest defibrillator is if you needed to access one. You may have recently also made the important investment of purchasing a defibrillator for your place of work, community or home, and are wondering if you need t...

Defibrillator Troubleshooting
Defibrillator Troubleshooting

If your defibrillator has a fault, it most likely it will not be rescue ready. Indications that there is a problem with your defibrillator include a the device emitting a beeping/chirping sound, displaying a cross, or displaying a red light. These signs mean that your device requires urgent attentio...

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