The Chain of Survival
Defibrillators - What are the laws?
What causes a cardiac arrest?
Mindray Defibrillators - Monthly Spotlight
Famous Lifesavers
Basic guide to using a defibrillator
Defibrillator Maintenance
Following up from our previous blog post, we provide a more in depth insight into how to care for your defibrillator to make sure it lasts for years to come.
Defibrillators at home
You may not have ever considered getting a defibrillator for your home. You may not even really know what a defibrillator is, much less why you would need one under your own roof. But we explain in our blog why you should consider buying one, and how it could save your life or the life of a loved one one day.
Safeguard your workforce
If the worst should happen in your place of work, and someone suffered a cardiac arrest, would you know what to do?
Defibrillators in gyms
It’s vital that every gym has an onsite AED should you need it, and although you don’t need to be trained to use it, it does help to ensure your staff are familiar with it so that they feel as confident as they possibly can be to step in and save a life if someone suffers a cardiac arrest at the gym.