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  • Boscarol OB 3000 Medical Suction Unit

    £978.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: D1900

    Smaller, lighter and more powerful than any other in it’s class! The OB3000 is simple, reliable emergency suction. Compliant with all the latest standards, it boasts superior functionality to overcome the constraints of ambulance and pre-hospital use.

    Crash tested in accordance with IEC6060

    High suction performance – infinitely variable, superior vacuum up to 800mbar and flow up to 33LPM

    Latest battery technology with high capacity – >60 minutes use on a single charge at full vacuum

    Battery status is available at all times, even when the unit is switched off

    Internal microprocessor monitors and logs system usage, indicating when service is needed

    Single button testing to confirm all functions are in working order

    Lightweight, lithium polymer battery can be changed in one-step without tools

    Multiple battery option extends usage time

    Large, “easy-to-operate” controls, even wearing wet or dry gloves

    Luminous analogue gauge for precise measurement and control, even in low light conditions

    Simply cleaned exterior, designed to reduce the risk of fluid ingress and bacterial contamination.

    Integral handle and integrated storage for the shoulder strap, no carry-case is needed



    Specification Sheet

    Weight 1 kg


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