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  • Laerdal Compact 300ml Suction Unit (LCSU) 4

    £630.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: D1600

    The Laerdal Compact 300ml Suction Unit (LCSU 4) is an essential tool for every first responder. With its lightweight, portable design, the unit is an ideal solution for blocked airways in the field.

    The canister is sealed, with an internal filter. The filter automatically stops suction/flow when the canister is full or the filter becomes saturated if the unit tips onto its side during use. Once wet the filter forms a gel which prevents ingress of fluid into the pump.

    High flow and high vacuum advanced suction unit

    Big vacuum regulator dial with “clicking sound” with children’s vacuum range area is marked in blue

    ne-hand grip design enables other tasks to be performed while in use.

    HEPA rated bacterial filter.


    2 year limited warranty (excluding the canisters, tubing systems and battery. Battery = 90 days)

    Weight 1 kg


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