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  • Laerdal Little Baby QCPR 4 Pack – Light

    £1,260.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: Ac120073
    Little Baby QCPR (Light) is a realistic and affordable Basic Life Support manikin for pediatrics with objective feedback. It improves training quality, learner engagement, and classroom efficiency.

    The 3-month-old Little Baby QCPR includes features like: 

    Head-tilt with open/locked airway

    Feedback on hand positioning
    Visible chest-rise on ventilations
    See and feel the baby’s ribs
    Landmarks, nipples, breast tip
    Limbs with realistic movement
    Durable construction with realistic length and weight
    2 AA batteries will last for months and are easily changed.


    4 Manikins

    6 additional airways

    12 manikin wipes

    1 four-pack carry case

    Weight 6 kg
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