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  • Mass Casualty First Aid Kit With Bleed Control Pack

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    SKU: Bc0004

    Mass-casualty first aid kit for bomb blast and broken glass traumas includes a catastrophic haemorrhage control pack and a quantity of ambulance , burn and wound dressings to treat soft tissue injuries. This disaster first aid pack has been designed for use in major emergencies. The pack is filled with large sterile dressings that are essential in these situations. The grab bag is of sturdy nylon construction with a quick opening main compartment and padded dividers to help organise the contents. There are many external pockets for additional supplies if required. The grab bag features reflective tape and labels for easy identification in an emergency. This first aid kit is not a substitute to a British Standard first aid kit, it should be stocked in addition to your workplace first aid and used in major incidents. 

    The blast first aid kit is organised and pre-packed as 6 independent bleed control packs. Each pack providing the first aider with supplies to treat a single patient, thereby allowing 6 first aiders to treat 6 patients simultaneously.

    Kit contents:

    6 x Trauma field dressing 10cm x 18cm

    6 x haemorrhage control tourniquet

    6 x Nitrile examination gloves – pair

    6 x Burn-dressing gel-impregnated 10cm x 10cm

    6 x Ambulance dressing XL no

    3 x Sterile eye dressing

    6 x Conforming bandage

    6 x Paramedic clothing shears

    6 x Micro-porous tape roll

    6 x Sterile non-woven swab – pack of 5

    6 x Double sided wound dressing 10cm x 10cm

    1 x CELOX haemostatic dressing

    T310 Medical equipment bag

    Weight 1 kg


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