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  • Mindray Beneheart RESQ-PAK including AED rescue kit

    £306.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: Ac00003

    Mindray Beneheart Adult/Paediatric RESQ-PAK includes a replacement battery, pair of electrode pads and an AED rescue kit.


    1 x Li-MnO2 battery, 4200mAh disposable battery

    Battery has 5 year life if daily auto self tests are enabled

    1 x MR62 electrode pads

    Adult/paediatric – the defibrillator has a paediatric switch so no need to swap pads, saving essential time in an emergency.

    Approximately 5 year life (from date of manufacture)

    Can be preconnected and stored with the defibrillator ahead of time

    1 x AED rescue kit 

    1 x Pair of Tough Cut Shears
    1 x Prep Razor
    1 x Set of Nitrile Gloves
    2 x Patient Wipes/or 1 x dressing towel
    1 x Faceshield

    Compatible with the BeneHeart C Series

    Weight 1 kg


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