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  • Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic Defibrillator

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    Cardiac Science’s Powerheart G5 Semi-Automatic defibrillator is highly visible and easily transportable, making it suitable for placement and use in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Designed for first-time heroes as well as the most experienced rescuers, the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 automated external defibrillator (AED) combines ease of use with advanced technology such as real-time instruction to help people of all skill levels perform high-quality CPR throughout a rescue. 

    With the G5 CPR Feedback Pads this device measures and monitors chest compressions whilst providing audio prompts to the responder. The G5 instructs how to deliver the most effective life-saving assistance to someone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

    Key features:

    Semi Automatic defibrillator analyses heart and requires rescuer to press shock button (if needed)

    Reliable and rugged AED- tested to military standards

    Variable escalating energy (65J to 354J)

    RescueCoach TM Voice prompts provide user paced instructions

    Metronome for CPR compression rate

    Automatic self tests: daily, weekly, monthly

    90 mins of rescue data


    1 x Adult pads

    1 x Battery

    1 x Rescue kit

    1 x AED Manager and User Manual

    1 x Quick Start Tool Kit: includes Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM & AED Manual, RescueLink & MDLink and Serial Communication Cable

    Weight 6 kg
    Battery Life span

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