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  • Practi-Baby Manikin – Pack of 4

    £540.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: DW8006

    The Practi-Baby Infant Manikin is the newest addition to the Practi-Man Manikin Range. 

    Practi-Baby manikin for realistic training of Infant CPR. This is the latest manikin from PractiMan and gives a full feature manikin for a competitive price.


    Weight and size are realistic for infant CPR

    Exclusive breathing system including a realistic nose function

    Head tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway

    Head moves side to side and front to back more realistic airway opening

    Chest clicker can be turned off

    Stable placement when laying on its back

    Sits up

    Can use an OP airway when the valve and lungs removed

    Life-like chest compression

    Exhaled air from manikin is discharged in the back of the head for better infection control

    Spares available


    4 Practi-Baby Infant Manikins with Top and Shorts

    Large carry bag

    4 x lungs 

    2 x airway valves


    Weight 6 kg
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