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  • Practi-Baby Plus Infant Manikin with Feedback

    £222.00 (incl. VAT)

    SKU: DW8064

    The new Practi-Baby Infant Manikin with Feedback is a life-like infant manikin with all the advantages of the Practi-Man Manikin range.  The feedback module is quickly and easily paired with the infant so students and instructors know that the compressions are being delivered effectively.

    No downloading of apps to phones and devices needed.


    Wireless system

    Electronic feedback

    Monitor with real-time electronic feedback of rate and depth

    AED training Pads do not leave residue on the skin

    Blind mode

    Test report after training

    Advanced head

    Removable faces to allow one per student

    One way airway valve so air exits from the back of the head keeping students safe from other people breaths

    Practice insertion and removal of an OP airway

    Moveable arms and legs

    Complete with carrying bag

    Weight 6 kg
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