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  • DEFISIGN AED Trainer

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    DefiSign AED Trainer. The first AED trainer that is operated via a handy App!

    Real-life emergency situations can be simulated with the DefiSign AED Trainer. The DefiSign trainer is very user-friendly and is operated via a handy App.

    Download FREE the “Defi training by Schiller” App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Connect your phone to the AED trainer via Bluetooth and give realistic CPR training with the DefiSign AED trainer!

    With the DefiSign trainer you can prepare students for real-life emergency situations where a DefiSign AED is used. The training options are very extensive and can be completely personalized in the App.  Scenarios can be put together in an instant!

    During practice you can adapt the trainer to the learning pace of the student. Actions can be repeated, paused or fast forwarded. You can also operate several devices at the same time from the same App! With the DefiSign AED trainer you can easily put together a completely personalized course.

    The DefiSign trainer is equipped with no less than 25 different language options. Giving training to an international group has never been so easy.

    The device uses 4x AA batteries. You activate the trainer by sliding the on/off button found in the battery compartment.

    Weight 6 kg


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