How much does a defibrillator cost?

What you should consider when purchasing a defibrillator?

Buying a defibrillator is crucial for any business or organization. With an AED machine, you’re ensuring everyone’s safety in case of emergencies. As the cost of an AED defibrillator varies for different reasons, that’s why we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide to help you make informed decisions when purchasing an AED.

Firstly, when you look to buy an AED you need to consider your environment and who may be using the unit. Some AEDs are made lightweight and with a simple design for the average bystander. Other AED’s may be bulkier and built for more skilled and  professional rescuers throughout the emergency response process. Other AED’s may be dual functioning which is a necessary feature at a community centre or school – as this means the pads can be used on both adults and children. Rather than wasting time swapping the accessories over.

Evaluating your budget is important as well. Some AED’s are feature rich but if the cost is more than your organization has to spend there are simply designed AED’s that are just as effective. For instance, while most AED models have voice prompts, others include an LED prompt. There are also AEDs that contain various graphics. While they do not have any effect on the efficiency or quality of the AED and ability to save patients, these large screens and colour displays can come in handy, especially if you are rescuing in noisy surroundings.

Additionally, the IP rating for each AED machine differs. While some models have higher International Protection Ratings, others have lower rates or do not have any. Warranty may be a factor as well. Some offer five years, while others have an eight-year warranty period. The shocking energy per AED differs, with 200 to 360 joules as the usual range. All of these factors contribute to the differences in the cost of defibrillator per type.


Defibrillator Guide:

When buying a defibrillator, look out for the following features to ensure you’re getting value for money while saving lives:

  • Ease of Use: The AED should have clear instructions with visual and verbal prompts, so that anyone in your business or organization, including those who don’t have sufficient training, can use the device during emergencies.
  • Pads: If your organization usually comes into contact with children, ensure the device has a adult/paediatric switch for both adult and child causalities. Also, check how long you have to replace the pads.
  • Battery Life: As battery life differs per manufacturer, find out how many years (usually two to five) it will take before you should replace the batteries.
  • Warranty: Know what is covered in the warranty for AED. Note that accessories like pads have separate warranties.
  • CPR Assistance: Several manufacturers have added CPR help features to AEDs. With audible voice instruction, you can maintain the correct compression rates.
  • Training: The AED shouldn’t require much training for it to be used. However, if you require to put on training sessions for your organisation, you may want to find out if there are training units compatible with your model of defibrillator.
  • Damage Resistance: An AED includes a two-digit International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection Rating. The first digit shows protection from solids, like dust and grime, while the second digit indicates the level of protection from water (0 to 8, with 8 as the most protected). If marked X, the AED machine was not tested, or no rating was given.
  • Rescue Kit: Check if your defibrillator includes an AED rescue kit to assist you in a cardiac emergency, to be stored alongside your device.

Buyers guide:

Now you know what to consider, please see our breakdown of defibrillators we sell ranging from highest to lowest in cost.  

Automated defibrillator cost varies per manufacturer and majority of the time semi-automatic and fully automatic defibrillators usually have minimal price differences.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD: £675

Simplistic and easy to use, designed for use by both trained and untrained responders alike.

Key features:

IP56 rating

User-friendly interface

Easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts

Simple, two-button operation

System Status Ready indicator flashes to indicate the unit is operational

8 year manufacturer’s warranty

Includes: 1 set of adult pads

Shop here: HeartSine Samaritan PAD 360P Defibrillator – Defib World

Mindray Beneheart C1A: £885

The Mindray BeneHeart C1A is an easy to use defibrillator suitable for most environments including the home, office and community.

Key features:

ResQNavi technology – evaluates proficiency level of rescuer and provides intelligent rescue navigation tailored to user

Simple Adult/Paediatric mode switch

Pre-connected adult/child pads- no need for additional sets of pads

QShock – Fast time to 1st Shock  (less than 8s) increasing chance of successful defibrillation

360J biphasic high energy for better outcome

Visual indicators show battery life, unit status and pad status

Robust design – 1.5m drop test

IP55 rating, protected against dust and water

Battery and pads have a shelf life of up to 5 years

8 year manufacturer’s warranty

Shop here: Mindray BeneHeart C1A Fully Automatic – Defib World


The FRED PA-1 Fully Automatic Defibrillator from SCHILLER is an easy to use device that starts up immediately when opened. The FRED PA-1 guides the rescuer step by step during the entire resuscitation process, and delivers the shock without any action required from the rescuer.

Key features:

Pre connected adult pads

Automatic self-tests for detection of electrode expiration and battery capacity

Chest compression assistant

Up to 10 years warranty

High IP55 dust and water resistance

6 Year Battery

Adult Electrode Pads

Shop here: SCHILLER FRED PA-1 Fully Automatic Defibrillator – Defib World

Front View of SP1 Fully Automatic Defibrillator with Orange Hard Case

CU Medical Systems iPAD SP1: £900

The iPAD SP1 is suitable for placement in a variety of environments. Adopting a simplistic design, this device enables both trained and untrained responders to act during a cardiac emergency with confidence

Key Features:

Paediatric Switch

Integrated electrode-pad storage so pads can be preconnected

CPR detection technology recognises when CPR is being performed

Visual indicators show battery life, unit status and pad status

Internal memory stores up to 3 hours of data/last 5 cardiac events

Ambient-noise detector adjusts volume of audio instructions

7-Year warranty.

Includes a rescue kit

Shop here: iPAD SP1 Fully Automatic Defibrillator – Defib World

C2 Mindray BeneHeart: £960

Suitable for trained and untrained responders, the Mindray BeneHeart C2 Semi Automatic Defibrillator is ideal for placement in any environment, ensuring your school, office or place of work is heart safe.

Key Features:

Smarter and Faster Mindray C2 semi automatic defibrillator

7″ TFT colour screen

ResQNavi technology – evaluates proficiency level of rescuer and provides intelligent rescue navigation tailored to user

Simple Adult/Paediatric mode switch

Pre-connected adult/child pad

QShock – Fast time to 1st Shock  ( less than 8s) increasing chance of successful defibrillation

360J biphasic high energy for better outcome

Robust design – 1.5m drop test

IP55 water/dust proof

Battery and pads have life cycle up to 5 years

8 year manufacturer’s warranty

Visual indicators show battery life, unit status and pad status

Shop here: Mindray BeneHeart C2 Fully Automatic Defibrillator – Defib World

Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Defibrillator

Powerheart G5: £1250

Cardiac Science’s Powerheart G5 Semi-Automatic defibrillator is highly visible and easily transportable, making it suitable for placement and use in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

Key features:

Variable escalating energy (65J to 354J)

RescueCoach TM Voice prompts provide user paced instructions

Metronome for CPR compression rate

90 mins of rescue data

1 Pair of Adult Electrodes

8 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Shop here: Powerheart G5 Fully Auto – Defib World

ZOLL AED Plus: £1320

The ZOLL AED Plus Lay Responder adopts a simplistic design, allowing responders to feel confident when using the device during an emergency.

Key Features:

Large graphics to guide users through the rescue process

Clear voice and visual prompts

Real CPR Help Technology

CPR feedback and metronome to ensure CPR delivery consistency

Built-in automatic self-test function making sure the unit is always ready to rescue

5 year warranty that is extended to 7 years after the device has been registered with the manufacturer

Holds Duracell batteries

1 Pair of Adult Electrodes

Shop here: ZOLL AED Plus Fully Automatic Defibrillator – Defib World



While no special training is needed to operate an AED, it is highly recommended. CPR classes will cover how to use and AED on adults, children, and infants. Becoming familiar with the process of using an AED and identifying when it should be used is very helpful. Additionally, learning to do CPR is beneficial as CPR should be performed in the minutes between shocks being delivered.


Many people are still fearful of using a defibrillator- you don’t need to be trained, and they are easier to use than you might think, so you shouldn’t feel reluctant to use one if necessary. You have nothing to lose, but somebody having a cardiac arrest does! Our friendly team is on hand to discuss your requirements to help you find a suitable device and provide support to ensure you can shop with us confidently!



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