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  • Practi-Man Advanced CPR Manikin

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    The Practi-Man Advanced Manikin has all of the advantages of the standard version, with the added benefit of being able to use to demonstrate and practice the jaw-thrust manouvre in addition to the head-tilt, chin-lift.

    By removing the valve this manikin also has the advantage of being able to be used to demonstrate and practice inserting and removing OP airways.

    These lightweight and Latex-free manikins are available with or without a bag or as a four pack that is available with a large carry holdall. All of the Practi-man range have a valve system that lets exhaled air vent through the back of the head, providing additional infection control and allows you to change the lungs after each course rather than between students.

    The Practi-Man advanced Manikins can be used for practising CPR on Children and Adults by turning the switch on the back of the manikin, this not only saves money but also means that trainers have less manikins to carry. The Advanced manikin is also available in a kit designed for instructors which includes 3 adult/child manikins and 3 infant manikins in a wheeled bag.

    This manikin can be used with face shields or the face skin can be changed between students, this is quick and easy (and environmentally friendly option ) and the added benefit is that in the long-term this can be more cost effective as they can be washed easily after each course and re-used. Packs of face skins are available for all manikins, for more information see our accessories and spares page

    The latex-free skin is easily wiped clean, making them ideal to use during AED Training.


    Practi-Man Advanced Manikin in carry bag
    5 Lungs
    2 Valves

    Weight 6 kg
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