Defib Switch

Have you been considering upgrading you defibrillator? Now is the perfect time to trade up!

We offer a trade-in scheme on any old and out of warranty defibrillator, meaning you can receive £150 off a brand new Mindray Beneheart defibrillator with free shipping.


Here are a few questions that will help determine if it is time to upgrade:

1. Has the warranty expired?

The maximum warranty of any AED on the market is 8 years.

2. What year was it manufactured?

Your AED has been turning on and performing internal daily checks since it was manufactured to ensure it is rescue ready in case of an emergency.

3. When will your pads or batteries expire again?

To save a life, you want your device to be in the best condition. Older models can have extremely high maintenance costs and be experiencing a shortage of parts, so instead of paying for new accessories the next time they expire, consider putting that money towards a new defibrillator with the latest technology.

The Mindray device is dual functioning and the battery/pads have a shelf life of up to 5 years.

How to start the Defib SWITCH process.

Locate the serial number on your device
Fill in the form below
An AED specialist will get back to you within the next 48 hours to help you complete your exchange